BrijG V1.5 Bridge - PRE ORDER -
BrijG V1.5 Bridge - PRE ORDER -

BrijG V1.5 Bridge - PRE ORDER (EST ARRIVAL NOW 01/27/22)

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UPDATE 01/10/22 - We received an update from the Flipper team and unfortunate there is an issue with the insulator of the Brijg's and they are remaking them which is delaying those around 14-20 days and the packaging for the boro's and the Mobb minis are also delayed and are also estimated 14-20 days for arrival.
UPDATE 12/30/21- We received an update that the FFlipper pre order has been delayed and is supposed to ship to us between the 01/07/22-01/10/22 this is due to manufacturing we will update you with anything new as soon as we hear more. 

This is a PRE-ORDER That is Estimated to Ship to you on the 12/30/2021 as we said ESTIMATED and will not be held liable for any delays in production There will be NO CANCELLATIONS as your order will be PRE-ORDERED and it will be yours! If you are not comfortable waiting please DO NOT ORDER!!!
BrijG V1.5 Bridge
MUST HAVE AN J-TANK OR A-TANK TO BE Compatible with the Brijg's
Compatible with most Boro Devices

B r i j G Coil Compatibility
The BrijG is a coil bridge for boro tank devices. It allows the use of modern plug and play pod device coils in an A Tank/j Tank/Mums A Tank boro. No need to remove any brijg parts when swapping coils. Just turn the tank upside down, pull the old coil out, and plug the new one in. Doesn’t get much easier.
The brijg consists of an implant-grade titanium chimney and ultem base ring. To use the brijg, simply install the chimney into the top hole of the tank, the ultem ring in the bottom, and you can now install and replace coils without ever removing the glass.
NOTE: users may find that the coil longevity is around ~3-7 days depending on juice/power/etc. This can be costly, but on the plus side the flavor from these coils is as good as you’ll find from any prebuilt coil on the market and there is almost no break-in period. So there is a trade off of coil life for flavor and convenience.
This list is growing, but as of 11/4/2020, the following coils are compatible.
Voopoo Vinci:

VM6 .15 mesh (60-80w)
VM5 .2 mesh (40-60w)
VM1 .3 mesh (32-40w)
VM4 .3 mesh (32-40w)
M1 .45 single coil (28-35w)
VM3 .45 mesh (25-35w)
TM1 .6 mesh (20-25w)
*M2 .6 Single Coil (20-28w)
*Must replace oring with larger oring found on all
other PnP or GTX coils.
R1 .8 dual coil (12-18w)
TM2 .8 mesh (12-18w)
R2 1.0 dual coil (10-15w)
C1 1.2 ceramic (10-15w)
TR1 1.2 (10-15w)
Vaporesso GTX:

.2 mesh (45-60w; need very-minor modification to work)
.3 mesh (32-45w)
.6 mesh (20-30w)
.8 mesh (12-20w)
1.2 regular (8-12w)
1.2 mesh (7-11w)
Omni Vape Universal:

.3 mesh (32-40w)
Wotofo Manik Pod Coils

Single Netmesh Coil 0.2Ω woven net finished core
The D11 is a single netmesh pod coil. It is the best choice for vapers that love to vape with a rich and warm taste. Get D11 Pod Coil to enjoy a rich and warm taste.
Manik Pod A1 Nexmesh Coil 0.2Ω, the core technology of A1's nexmesh steel mesh.
Nexmesh coils are known for their quality and immense flavor and cloud production. With Manik Pod Mod, D13 Pod Coil is dedicated to bringing a delicate and sweet steel mesh taste.
A1 Conical Nexmesh Coil, Conical's core technology
Again, considering the flavor, the conical nexmesh pod mod coil brings a warmer and thicker taste.
Single Clapton Mesh Coil 0.2Ω, the combination of the new Clapton Mesh Coil.
Wismec WV Coil Series (not fully tested in all devices) but is compatible with GTX and PnP:

0.3ohm WV-M Mesh Coil - rated for 20-40W
0.8ohm WV01 Single Coil - rated for 12-20W
Sigelei FOG Coil Series:
0.3ohm FOG Coils - rated for 32-40W
0.2ohm FOG Coils - rated for 40-60W
0.15ohm FOG Coils - rated for 60-80W
Press-Fit Coil Installation
In order to use The BrijG, an A Tank/Hot Tank/j Tank/Mums A Tank is necessary.
Currently the brijg is only available through FF and FF approved distributors.