(Update - 12.26.19)

There is a high likelihood that we will see an announcement from the Trump administration regarding new rules for sales of flavored vapor products in the next two days. This new policy may ban sales of any flavor other than tobacco and menthol.

We need to keep up the pressure on HHS/FDA officials, the Trump administration, and the Trump campaign and make sure that they know the consequences of banning flavors: Putting thousands of people out of work, closing down small businesses, and, most importantly, exposing consumers to greater risk by forcing people back to smoking or buying products on an underground market.

We need to
Light Up The Switchboard
At The White House!
Ph: 202-456-1414

On your call:
  • The operator will likely ask where they can direct your call
  • Simply tell them that flavored vapor products saved your life; and,
  • tell them “We Vape, We Vote.
Be polite, be brief, and say thank you.
Send #WeVapeWeVote tweets to:
  • @POTUS
  • @realDonaldTrump
  • @SecAzar
  • @SteveFDA
  • @Scavino45
  • @parscale
Let them know that the facts don't support flavor bans
and that adults who smoke/vape will be the people most harmed by this policy
that will have little to no effect on youth experimentation!